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Skeleton Coast NORTH

Moonvalley, Uranium Mine, Spitzkoppe, Brandberg, Ugab river, Skeleton Coast Park, Cape Cross, Saltpans

Skeleton Coast North

We depart Swakopmund and head north-east over an ever-changing landscape. A long the route the colors are ever-changing with volcanic veins, crisscrossing the land. We fly across the Moon Valley past Spitzkoppe towards the highest mountain in Namibia, Brandberg. We fly along the Ugab river valley past the Ugab terraces which is home to the rare desert elephants.

Turning south at the Ugab river mouth, our route will take us past the Fukuseki Maru and Zeila shipwrecks, Cape Cross Seal Colony, Henties Bay, Wlotzkasbaken back to Swakopmund.

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Route highlights

Spitzkoppe – located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib Desert, Spitzkoppe is a group of bald granite peaks of more than 700 million years old, reaching heights of up to 1784 meters above sea level.

Brandberg – Located in Damaraland, Brandberg is Namibia’s highest mountain and is famous for the White Lady rock painting. Covering an area of 650 square kilometers, with the highest point towering at 2573m above sea level. This famous landmark can be seen from a great distance.

Ugab Rover Valley – witness dramatic and textured landscaped with ever-changing colours and forms. This area is inhabited by the rare desert elephant.

Fukuseki Maru Shipwreck – a fishing vessel stranded 22 March 2018 and is stuck on a bed of sea rocks.

Cape Cross – seal reserve. Founded by Diego Cão in 1486 and is home to the largest Cape Fur seal colony in Africa south of the equator. During the November/December breeding season, up to 250 000 seals gather at Cape Cross.

Henties Bay – a holiday town renowned for recreational fishing, dune cliffs and a 9 hole desert-style golf course.

Zeila Shipwreck – a fishing trawler stranded on 25 August 2008 after breaking lose from it’s towing line while en-route to India from Walvis Bay.

Wlotzkasbaken – a holiday settlement on Namibia’s Atlantic Ocean coast. Named after a trigonometrical beacon (the only one to remain from a land survey along the Skeleton Coast in 1930) Consisting of approximately 106 multi-coloured houses which are all designed and built by their owners.

Swakopmund Saltpans – at Swakopmund Saltworks. The only supplier of natural rock salt in Southern Africa. Producing approximately 120 000 tonnes of salt per year. Today the company pumps 1000 cubic metres of sea water into the salt pans per hour.

Swakopmund Magic mile of Namibia – A strip that kisses the desert on the wild side and shakes hands with the sea on the port side. Swakopmund is truly Namibia’s premier tourist and recreational resort. In the midst of these arid, often desolate surroundings’, it forms an oasis for body and soul. Picture-postcard German Colonial buildings dominate the town’s central area. For the romantic at heart, take a bird’s eye view on our historic jetty and “Palm Beach” just below the lighthouse…

Flight duration : +- 2.2 hours


All rates valid from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

  • Price per aircraft    @ N$ 27 500
  • 5 person on board @ N$ 5 500 – p.P
  • 4 person on board @ N$ 6 500 – p.P
  • 3 person on board @ N$ 9 166 – p.P
  • 2 person on board @ N$ 13 750 – p.P

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