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Skeleton Coast NORTH

Moonvalley, Uranium Mine, Spitzkoppe, Brandberg, Ugab river, Skeleton Coast Park, Cape Cross, Saltpans

Skeleton Coast North

The northern Skeleton Coast Scenic Route takes you over the Moon Valley, past the Matterhorn of Africa (Spitzkoppe) towards the highest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg and then coast wards over the Skeleton Coast National park with its dry river beds and magic scenery down south again via Cape Cross, Henties Bay, Swakopmund Salt works back to Swakopmund.

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We depart Swakopmund with the first sun raise on the horizon. We head north; enjoy an ever-changing landscape from a bird’s eye view. Underneath the colors are constantly changing, volcanic veins, crisscrossing the land like a Mikado. We fly past the Omaruru dam and the Messum crater, where thousands of Welwitschias litter the desert. Then, a gentle climb up to the Brandberg with its fantastic colors of sediment layers a highlight of the trip. Then we fly down the ugab valley past the Ugab terraces with the beauty of its ruff canyons. This area is home to the rare desert elephants.

Flying over the Damaraland, approaching the skeleton coast park we experience dramatic landscape changing in colors and forms (no words). Flying along the Uniab to the northern Skeleton Coast and from Torra Bay back to Swakopmund.

Turning south our route will take us past the Ugab river mouth with its almost resident group of oryx, two shipwrecks, before we reach another Highlight “Cape Cross” and its seal colony, flying low along the cliffs just north of Henties Bay over Lichenfields past the Zeila Shipwreck then reaching the salt works where flamingoes fly low and back to Swakopmund.

Flight duration : +- 2.2 hours


  • 5 person on board @ N$ 5 000, — pp
  • 4 person on board @ N$ 5 900, — pp (we reserve the right to add a 5th passenger)
  • 4 person on board @ N$ 6 250, — pp (CHARTER)
  • 3 person on board @ N$ 8 330, — pp
  • 2 person on board @ N$ 12 500, — pp

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