the best way to see the NAMIB DESERT & SOUTHERN COAST

Coastal Impression

See the dunes & coastline, with shipwreck Shaunee“, the “Long Wall“, Sandwich Harbour & Walvis Bay.

Coastal Impression

Get a feeling what the Namibian Coastline looks like. Meet the extremes – Namib Desert & Atlantic Ocean. Catch a bird’s eye view of the “Shaunee”, a shipwreck near the “long wall” an amazing dune formation at the coastline. Wedged between the Namib Sand sea and the Atlantic Ocean lies a unique coastal wetland – Sandwich Harbour – a bird’s paradise. Fly with the Flamingos – once – and the impressions will last forever.

More InformationPrices are estimated | Prices and routes subject to change due to varying factors such as fuel prices, weather and pax weight.


We fly along the dune belt to dune 7, past Walvis Bay International Airport, crossing the Kuiseb dry riverbed, right into the dune sea with changing dune faces and colours in yellow, ochre, mustard and magenta.

Shipwreck “Shaunee” as turning point, northbound along the scenic coastline past “Lange Wand”, seal colonies, jackals etc., Sandwich Bay Lagoon, Nature Conversation area and breeding ground for flamingos, pelicans etc., a very pictures bay with its sandbars and shallow waters. Walvis Bay saltpans, Walvis Bay lagoon and harbor area, guano platform “Bird Island” and the Swakopmund beachfront.

Flight duration : +- 1 hour


  • 5 person on board @ N$ 2 520, — pp
  • 4 person on board @ N$ 3 150, — pp
  • 3 person on board @ N$ 4 200, — pp
  • 2 person on board @ N$ 6 300, — pp

Route interactive Map

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