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The Namib-Naukluft Park, being the largest national park on African soil with almost five million hectares, proves that not all deserts are deserts. Red-gold dunes are in contrast with grey-black gravel plains and the white salt pans that the game loves so much. Deep gorges carve through the wide-open plains, and the rugged mountain peaks tower high above them.

Here the chaos of primeval forces, there the gentleness and eroticism of the windblown sand. This endless place, seemingly without life – during the day at the mercy of the scorching sun, and at night freezing under the cold wafts of mist, which float inland from the Atlantic, mystically illuminated by a frosty distant moon. It is almost a miracle to find life above and below this deserts hostile surface. Here, plants and animals survive due to the wind, humidity and fog.

The hot winds form the highest sand dunes in the world, true sand mountains, ranging from the eroded riverbed of the Tsauchab along to the mystical place called the Sossusvlei.In the wonderful world of the Sossusvlei, dunes of up to over 300 m high are stretched across the landscape, with sharp contours and smooth sand surfaces looking like majestic, towering Alpine peaks amongst a shimmering pearl ribbon of clay pans.

Scenic Flights

Our popular scenic flights cover different areas of Namibia, like the ancient Namib Desert deep in the heart of Namibia and the Skeleton Coast from the air.


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sossusfly namibia

Pick Up & Drop Off

We offer scenic pick-ups and drop-offs all over Namibia tailored to your specific needs.



Day Excursions

Our aircraft of choice is the Cessna 210 which has the best safety record in their class.
It is a high performance, single engine aircraft, which guarantees everyone has their OWN window. The
Cessna 210 offers the best combination of features and value for your money.


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One day Safaris

These one Day Excursions take you on a day trip to some of the most amazing areas in Namibia. We leave Swakopmund early morning to the excursion destination. This day excursion includes an activity, lunch and a scenic flight.


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