Epupa Falls / Ovahimba Excursion

The Epupa Falls / Ovahimba Excursion

Early morning low-level scenic flight from Swakopmund airfield past the Brandberg, landing at Doro Nawas to refuel. Flight continues over Damaraland and Kaokoland in search for the desert elephants, rhino’s, giraffes, mountain zebras and other game up to Epupa Falls. In Epupa accompanied by a guide and translater, you will be driven to an Ovahimba village in the area. Spend the morning with the Ovahimbas in their ‘kraal’. The Ovahimba are a tribe of seminomadic pastoralists who still live and dress according to ancient traditions. They are tall, slender and statuesque people, characterised by their proud yet friendly bearing. The women are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and traditional adornments. The Ovahimba rub their bodies with red ochre and fat to protect their skin against the scorching sun. However, on this day you will also be able to see the magestic Epupa Falls. The falls are a series of cascades where the Kunene River loops a total of 60 metres. With its richly coloured rock walls, variety of trees and waving Makalani Palms, the Epupa Falls offers much to see and experience. Lunch will be served at the Omarunga Camp on the riverbed of the Kunene River. Afternoon flight to Opuwo to refuel, further flight along the Uniab Riverbed in search for the desert elephants, rhino’s, giraffes, mountain zebras and other game up to the rivermouth area, turning southbound. Flight along the treacherous Skeleton Coast. The Skeleton Coast Park is about 40km wide and covers 16 390km2. The park in the northern Namib Desert stretches from the Ugab River in the south to the Kunene River, which forms the northern littered border with Angola. This region is generally cold and windy with mist in the mornings and evenings. The Skeleton Coast is with whalebones, shipwrecks and remains of sailors and explorers. Further flight past Torra Bay, Palgrave point, Toscanini to Cape Cross seal reserve. During the November/December breeding season as many as 200 000 seals gather at Cape Cross. It was also here that the Portuguese navigator, Diego Cao, erected a stone cross in 1486. Continue flight coastwise from Cape Cross passing Henties Bay, the saltworks north of Swakopmund on our way to Swakopmund.


Price includes: Flight, Transfers, Visit to Himba Village & Epupa Falls, Lunch, and Refreshments onboard.

Price excludes: Beverages / Drinks at Lodge.


Duration of Excursion: full day

Flight distance: 1410 km


  • One-day-safaris are based on 4 persons sharing the Cessna 210 aircraft.
  • Price per Aircraft  @ N$ 81 400
  • 4 persons on board  @ N$ 20 350 – p.P
  • 3 persons on board  @ N$ 27 140 – p.P
  • 2 persons on board  @ N$ 40 700 – p.P
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