Frequently asked Questions (FAQ,s)

It is a courtesy from us to our passengers. *Pick up and drop off only in Swakopmund vicinity*

6-seater aircraft (1 x Pilot, 5 x Passengers).

Yes we do often see animals and birds en-route including Zebras, Oryx, Seals, Jackal and Flamingos including various other birds.

It varies throughout the flight between 6500ft and low level according to the Namibian regulations and law in certain areas.

Mostly South Africa, but it does vary.

Yes, They are very safe they have one of the best safety records of most single engine aircraft, they are also thoroughly maintained and extensively inspected  personally by each pilot before every flight. Your safety is our first priority.

No, Please use the toilet in the terminal building before the flight – your pilot will remind you.

5km, It is about a 10 minute drive from our office in Swakopmund town center.

We suggest darker coloured clothing as light coloured clothing reflects light onto the windows while taking pictures in the aircraft.

We suggest a wide angle lens to get as much of the view in as possible, Large zoom lenses are quite difficult to operate inside the aircraft and might get damaged or damage the aircraft windows.

Both sides, Because we fly s-turn’s so both sides could have a clear view.

Yes we offer still and sparkling water.

No. The seating is allocated according to the passenger’s confidential weights.

No, it gets very hot over the desert and a bit cooler along the coastline. Wear light and comfortable clothing as you would travelling by car.

Yes you may, We encourage you to take lots of pictures.

The pilot is often flying in a very congested airspace and it is vital that communications between himself and other aircraft are maintained for safety as well as to give his full attention to the flight.

In the morning or late afternoon, Depending on the weather.

Yes, The more passengers on board, the lower the price per passenger.

We operate the Cessna C210.

Our pilots comply with the minimum standards set by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority.

Yes you may as long as it is not heavier than our 5 kg limit. (Unless discussed prior to the flight).

Our Scenic Flights


Sunlit sand dunes roll and undulate, and are beautiful in a way that is not of this world.

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Skeleton Coast SOUTH

Add to the “Coastal Impression” a fantastic aerial view over the dry Kuiseb Riverbed.

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Skeleton Coast NORTH

The coast has its own story to tell- listen carefully, each of the Atlantics wild waves will whisper a different story in your ear.

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Coastal Impression

Get a feeling what the Namibian Coastline looks like.

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