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Cessna 210

Seats 5
Bagagge Capacity 109 kg
Speed 322 km/h
Range 1739 miles
Interior Width 1.1176 m
Interior Height 1.2192 m
Length 8.58 m
Height 2.95 m

Pilots@BushbirdShort Overview

We require our commercial pilots to have a Commercial Pilots Licence with Instrument Rating and at least 300 hrs Total Time by law, for the pilots advantage are 500 TT.

The foreign Commercial Pilot’s licence is validated by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority. The validation Training is either done by a flight training school in Windhoek or Swakopmund. After successfully achieving the Namibian Validation and/or Namibian Commercial Pilots Licence appointed Bush Bird pilots receive route/line training within BUSH BIRD Flight Operation/Senior Pilots.

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Ruan Wiehman

Age 27
Total Time 1060 hours
Language Afr/Eng
From South Africa
Age 28
Total Time 924.3 hours
Language Afr/Eng
From South Africa

Abdul AZIZ

Sean Morland

Age 28
Total Time 500 hours
Language Eng
From South Africa
Age 25
Total Time 389.1 hours
Language Afr/Eng
From Namibia

Michael Tune

pilots sossusfly

Tiaan Van Wyk

pilots sossusfly
Age 21
Total Time 300 hours
Language Afr/Eng
From South Africa

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