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Based in Swakopmund, Bush Bird is a fully licensed air charter company that provides all kinds of flights – Scenic, Business, Photographic Safaris and Fly-Ins.

Scenic & Charter flights from Swakopmund to Namibia

Scenic flights

The most popular Scenic Flight in Namibia is the “SOSSUSfly”, sometimes also called Sossus classic or Sossus Scenic. Tourists often regard this flight as the highlight of their holiday. With a duration of +/- 2 hours and 10 minutes, covering about 630km, of which less than 20% has been seen from the ground by car, this scenic flight discovers the ancient desert deep in the heart of Namibia and the southern Skeleton Coast from the air:
Sunlit sand dunes roll and undulate, and are beautiful in a way that is not of this world. Around there is sand and ochre dunes stand sentinel against the blue sky.

sossusfly namibia
sossusfly namibia

Pick Up Drop Off

Apart from our popular scenic flights, our aircraft can also be chartered for groups, pick-up or drop-off’s, flying safaris and photographic safaris. You specify the destination, we will take you there.

We can arrange to pick you up from Windhoek International and directly leave for your first overnight destination within Namibia, be it a private lodge or town in Namibia, if it have a runway we can take you there.

Pick Up Drop Off



sossusfly namibia

Sossusfly – our most popular scenic flight

The flight has a duration of 2 hours & 10 minutes, covering about 630 km of which less than 20% could be seen if traveling by road.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ,s)

It is a courtesy from us to our passengers. *Pick up and drop off only in Swakopmund vicinity*

How many seats are in the aircraft?

6-seater aircraft (1 x Pilot, 5 x Passengers).

Do we see any animals on the route?

Yes we do often see animals and birds en-route including Zebras, Oryx, Seals, Jackal and Flamingos including various other birds.

At what altitude do we fly on the route?

It varies throughout the flight between 5500ft and low level according to the Namibian regulations and law in certain areas.

From where are the pilots?

Mostly South Africa, but it does vary.

Are the aircrafts safe to fly in?

Yes, They are very safe they have one of the best safety records of most single engine aircraft, they are also thoroughly maintained and extensively inspected  personally by each pilot before every flight. Your safety is our first priority.

Is there a toilet onboard the aircraft?

No, Please use the toilet in the terminal building before the flight – your pilot will remind you.

How old are the aircrafts?

+/- 40 years old.

How far is the airport from Swakopmund?

5km, It is about a 10 minute drive from our office in Swakopmund town center.

What colour clothes do you recommended for the flight?

We suggest darker coloured clothing as light coloured clothing reflect light onto the windows while taking pictures in the aircraft.

Have you had any serious accidents in the past?

No we have not.

What camera lens is best suited for the flight?

We suggest a wide angle lens to get as much of the view in as possible, Large zoom lenses are quite difficult to operate inside the aircraft and might get damaged or damage the aircraft windows.

Which side is the best side to sit in the aircraft?

Both sides, Because we fly s-turn’s so both sides could have a clear view.

Do we serve beverages on board?

Yes we offer still and sparkling water.

May we sit where we want to in the aircraft?

No. The seating is allocated according to the passenger’s confidential weights.

Does it get cold in the aircraft?

No, it gets very hot over the desert and a bit cooler along the coastline. Wear light and comfortable clothing as you would travelling by car.

Are we allowed to use our cell phones to take pictures onboard the aircraft?

Yes you may, We encourage you to take lots of pictures.

Why does the passengers not get headsets for the flight?

Because the pilot is flying often in a very congested airspace and it is vital that communications between himself and other aircraft are maintained for safety as well as to give his full attention.

What is the best time of day to fly?

In the morning or late afternoon, Depending on the weather.

Does the price vary if it’s more than 1 person?

Yes, The more passengers on board, the lower the price per passenger.

What kind of aircrafts do we fly in?

We operate the Cessna C210.

How experienced are the pilots?

Our pilots comply with the minimum standards set by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority.

May I bring along a back pack or hand bag?

Yes you may as long as it is not heavier than our 5kg limit. (Unless discussed prior to the flight).

Ultra Safari packages

Experience Namibia – in a new way of traveling!

Our aircraft of choice is the Cessna 210 which has the best safety record in their class. It is a high performance, single engine aircraft, which guarantees everyone has their OWN window. The Cessna 210 offers the best combination of features and value for your money. The unobstructed view offered by the HIGH WING configuration allows all passengers up to 5 pax with every seat being a window seat the best possible views below. The speeds are moderate, giving you the opportunity to take a good look around. Excellent visibility is available from every seat. Couple this with our maintenance policy and our experienced commercial pilots you are in great hands.

Tailor Made & Exclusive

safari packages namibia

Out of the ordinary

safari packages namibia

Pristine destinations

fish river canyon - safari experiences

Our Scenic Flights


Sunlit sand dunes roll and undulate, and are beautiful in a way that is not of this world.

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Skeleton Coast SOUTH

Add to the “Coastal Impression” a fantastic aerial view over the dry Kuiseb Riverbed.

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Skeleton Coast NORTH

The coast has its own story to tell- listen carefully, each of the Atlantics wild waves will whisper a different story in your ear.

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Coastal Impression

Get a feeling what the Namibian Coastline looks like.

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cessna 210
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